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Many people have a great love for the country of Greece, just like us!  We have taken numerous trips to the Greece, stay emersed in Greek culture through festivals, and continue to do our own research on where to go next! 

From the ancient ruins to the white sandy beaches, the country of Greece has so much great beauty.  We have decided to start this site just to showcase some of our photos that we have taken over the years.  

Learning where you are going before you go there is important. What is even more important is seeing pictures of where you have been! Whether it be where you found your soul mate, where you developed life long friendships, or where you just learned how to party into the early hours of the morning; the country of Greece provides so much for us to learn from. 
If you are planning to travel around Greece and have any hesitations from it being rocked by serious Economy struggles, we certainly encourage you to stick to those plans!  Only a small portion of Athens show the emotional impact of recent years, however, the Greek Islands remained untouched and thrive from heavy tourism.  We have been there during riots, protests, and while transit systems have been on strike.  If you have been there and still dream of Greece at night, then we hope that Greece Travel Photos will shed some light on the beauty of the land there and encourage you to go travel to Greece and show your love for the Greek culture!

Greece Traveling Photos
Greece Travel Guide Pictures
Greece Travel Guide PicturesGreece Travel Guide PicturesGreece Travel Guide Pictures
Greece Travel Guide Pictures

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