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Corinth has such a rich history in both Greek and Christian culture.  Corinth is located on the Peloponnese province (or periphery) and is the second largest city on the Peloponnese.  Many famous temples are dear to Greek culture like the temple of Apollo, Aphrodite, and Poseidon.  An earthquake in the mid 1800's buried much of the ancient ruins and excavations in the last 100 years has helped to restore much of the history.  

Biblical archeologists have estimated that the Apostle Paul made his way to Corinth in 51 C.E. (Christ Era) and was as large as Athens and approximately only 100 years old at his arrival.  Paul stayed in Corinth longer than any other city along his journey, the Bible gives us the length of a year and a half.  In the book of Acts, chapter 18, Paul spent much time here discussing the church and teaching the word of God. 

A large tourist area of Corinth today is the Acrocorinth.  Different from the Acropolis in Athens, the highest point of Acrocorinth is the site of the temple of Aphordite.  Acrocorinth was known as the area to go to find the concubines and later was converted to a church, which then it is said that it became a mosque.  

Gateway to Acrocorinth - Corinth Greece
Kenchreai Port - Corinth's Eastern Port
Archeaologist Tracks at Corinth
Corinth Canal Greece
Corinth Temple of Apollo GreeceRuins of CorinthAcrocorinth RuinsPlains of Corinth - agricultural area
Corinth Agora - Corinth GreeceCorinth Public Fountain RuinsTemple of Apollo Corinth GreeceCorinthian Ruins - Corinth GreeceCorinth Ruins with Acrocorinth in Background
Edge of AcrocorinthAncient Greek Inscription at CorinthAcrocorinth Walkway to GatesCorinth Bema SignCorinth Plains and Aegean Sea from AcrocorinthLechaion Road in Corinth with Acrocorinth in BackgroundAcrocorinth Olive TreePlains of Corinth - Rich Land
Corinth Ruins
Corinth Coast with Aegean SeaMosque at Acrocorinth - Corinth GreeceWall of Acrocorinth
Acrocorinth top of castle
Aegean Sea in Corinth - Taken from Acrocorinth
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