Sounion Greece - Isles of Greece
Sounion is yet another area that holds very dear to our hearts.  The first sunset I witnessed at this area was in 2004 where the sun when behind a cloud and decided to peak through the bottom half of the cloud and display the brilliant saturated orange colors.  Our return to this area in 2011 allowed for some different views, along with one life-long answer to a question. 

Cape Sounion is located about 40 miles southest from the city of Athens.  It is accessible by public transportation, however, this can certainly double the travel time there and back.  The area here holds the ruins of the ancient Temple of Poseidon and is certainly one of the more famous areas to go in Greece to watch the sunset.  If you have not been to Greece before and are limited on time, we certainly recommend Sounion in the evening!  There also happens to be a cafe there and there are restrooms as well.  

Sounion also holds the history of being the location where the romantic poet Lord Byron travelled to Greece and carved his name into the stone of the temple.  Byron also mentions Sounion in his poem "Isles of Greece"

Sounion Temple of Poseidon
Temple of Poseidon - Sounion
Sounion Sunset
Sounion Sunset Peak with Temple
Sunset at Sounion in Fall of 2004Sunset on Aegean Sea - SounionGreece Sunset over Aegean SeaCape Sounion TempleGreece Sunset - Framed Right - Sounion, edge of Aegean SeaHills of SounionHDR Sounion SunsetSunset Proposal - Sounion Sunset ProposalSounion Ring
Cape Sounion Port
Temple of Poseidon Ruins at Cape SounionAegean Sea Sunset - Cape SounionSounion Orange SunsetHDR Temple of PoseidonHDR Greece Sunset
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