We have been to the island of Santorini twice and it is truly paradise.  The temperature in the dead of summer is absolutely comfortable.  Santorini is a possible location of retirement in the future.  In 2011, Travel and Leisure magazine ranked Santorini as the #1 Island to visit in the World and even highlighting the island on their front cover of this issue.  We have done this island right both times that we have been here: first on a cruise and the second by staying in the quiet area of Imerovigli at the Kallisto hotel.  

We have been to numerous other islands, each of which have their own beauty, but Santorini is certainly our favorite out of the Cyclades and located in the southern Aegean Sea.  The island is not known for laying out on the beaches, but more for the comfortable atmosphere and relaxation that so many Europeans escape to during Summer holiday.  There are always plenty of places to stay on this island and it is all walkable for the young at heart.  

Santorini, officially known as Thira, was formed from a volcanic eruption and craters of these can still be found on the island today.  Santorini also has more than 250 churches, which is a heavy draw of tourists that connects with much of our heritage and adds to the beauty of the area.

Santorini Architecture
Santorini Island - Greece
Santorini Church
Santorini Cruise Ship Docking
Santorini Church on Island
Santorini Cruise ships
Santorini Rooftop
Santorini HDR Pictures Photos
House at Santorini
Church of Santorini
Santorini Gateway
Santorini Imerovigli
Santorini Church Top
Santorini Church with a Cross
Santorini Flowers
Santorini Hotel
Steps of Santorini
Santorini Flowers on a Walk
Flowers of Santorini
Santorini Church Steeple
Santorini Apartments
Santorini Edge
Street Lamp of Santorini
Mylos Cafe in Santorini Mykonos
Hotel Pool at Santorini
Santorini Street and Walkway
Steps up to Santorini Apartment
White Santorini Church
Rooftops of Santorini
Santorini Cafe Wall
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Architecture at Santorini
Famous Santorini Location
Island of Santorini
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