Thessaloniki is another popular place to visit in Greece.  Being the second largest city, it is the gateway to many anicent sites like Philippi, Mount Olympus, and the ancient city of Berea.   Thessaloniki is a very youthful city as university students will escape to Thessaloniki to continue their education at Aristotle University, which happens to be the largest university in Greece.

Thessaloniki has a very long history and will celebrate its 100 year anniversary of being incorporated into Greece in 2012.  The history of this city ranges from rule under Alexander the Great, who named the city after his half sister to being invaded by the Germans in the second World War.  Thessaloniki was also part of the Byzantine Constantinople and later incorporated into Macedonia.    

Thessaloniki was another city mentioned in the New Testament.  The apostle Paul also made his way here as he was traveling along the Roman road to Athens.  It is easy to travel directly to Thessaloniki and then to be able to visit the ancient ruins of Philippi and Berea, which happen to be two areas where Paul had great connections and converts to Christianity.  

Modern Day City of Athens
Agora Church of the Holy Apostles
Roman Agora - Tower of the Winds
Acropolis of Athens Greece
Lydia Fountain and BaptisteryPhilippi Walking BridgePhilippi SignPottery at ThessalonikiCoins found in ancient ThessalonikiThessaloniki Metopes Philippi RuinsThessaloniki Museum ArtAncient Berea where Paul left to go after Thessaloniki
Ancient Berea Ruins
Church of Lydia in PhilippiFlower at PhilippiBaptistery as Christian Cross Alexander the Great Statue in ThessalonikiAncient Roman Road that Paul Walked to Philippi
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