Delphi also holds some amazing history of Greek culture.  Today Delphi is both a modern day town and a tourist attraction from historical relevance.  From Greek myths, Delphi was the site of the most important Oracle in the history of ancient Greek culture.  The importance of the Oracle of Delphi or formally known as Pythia, is her prophecies inspired Apollo.  The prophecies were stopped by the Roman Emperor Theodosius in late 300 C.E.

Delphi is hovered above by Mount Parnassus, which has an elevation of 8,000ft. This mountain of limestone located in central Greece offers beautiful scenic views of the surrounding countryside and luscious olive groves.  During the winter season today, this mountain is home to Parnassos Ski Resort, providing some great conditions.

Today, the area of Delphi is also home to a modern town and some great shops!  I was fortunate to purchase a pair of lamb skin gloves here in 2004 that turned out to be some great driving gloves.  They lasted until about 2010 and a return trip to Delphi is sought in the coming years.  Modern day Delphi today is quiet and a desirable mountainous area to relax and enjoy great temperatures.

Steps of Modern Day Delphi
Temple of Apollo - Delphi
Charioteer of Delphi
Delphi Theatre
Modern Day Delphi RooftopsAncient Delphi RuinsDelphi Ancient Olympic StadiumDelphi Ruins - Treasury of AthensAncient Delphi GymnasiumEdge of town of what is now Modern Day DelphiTemple of Apollo WallTheater at DelphiDelphi Ampitheatre from Above
Cliffs of Delphi Mountains
Temple of Apollo Ruins in DelphiDelphi Temple of ApolloModern Day Delphi GreeceDelphi Greece Naval StoneTheatre in Delphi Ancient Ruins
Theatre at Delphie and Temple of ApolloThe Castalia Spring - Cistern at DelphiDelphi Greece with Aegean Sea in DistanceModern Delphi ChurchDelphi Ancient Ruins EntrywayStatue at Delphi MuseumModern Day Street into Delphi with thin sidewalk
Ancient Delphi RuinsOracle at Ancient Delphi Ruins
Gymnasium at Delphi
Modern Day Delphi Greece Street
Delphi Greece Alley
Modern Day Delphi Shopping
Modern Delphi Greece Apartments
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