Athens is the capital of Greece.  Democracy was formed here, as was much of the foundation of the American government.  Athens, which derives from the goddess Athena, today holds numerous monuments to the Roman and Byzantine history.  The most well known point in Athens is the Acropolis.  The Acropolis is known as the highest point in the city.  The Acropolis, which holds the Parthenon, was used as the place of worship for the goddess Athena.  Not long after the Roman Empire moved into Greece, the Parthenon was transformed to a place of worship for the Christian church.  

Areopagus, which is often known as 'Mars' Hill', has a very rich history as well.  Most Christians know of this area that was made famous by the Apostle Paul in the book of Acts, chapter 17.   

Modern day Athens was greatly transformed for the 2004 Summer Olympics. A new airport was built, the subway system (the Metro) was built, and the city began to see the influx of tourism during this time.

Modern Day City of Athens
Agora Church of the Holy Apostles
Roman Agora - Tower of the Winds
Acropolis of Athens Greece
Roman Agora - Athens Greece
Roman Agora - Athens Greece
Roman Agora  Gateway
Ancient Agora Museum - Athens Greece
Temple of Hephaestus - Greece Agora
theater of dionysus - athens acropolis
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Athens Acropolis from Mars Hill - Athens Greece
City of Athens Aerial from Mars Hill - Athens Greece
Parthenon on Acropolis - Athens Greece
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